2019 Vi­en­na Mu­sic Busi­ness Re­se­arch Days

Das In­sti­tut für Kul­tur­ma­nage­ment und Gen­der-Stu­dies (IKM) der mdw – Uni­ver­si­tät für Mu­sik und Dar­stel­len­de Kunst Wien – ver­an­stal­tet von 11. bis 13. Sep­tem­ber 2019 die 10. Vi­en­na Mu­sic Busi­ness Re­se­arch Days. Da­bei tref­fen Stu­den­tIn­nen aus al­len Be­rei­chen auf Ex­per­tIn­nen des Mu­sik­ge­schäfts, prä­sen­tie­ren Er­kennt­nis­se und tau­schen Ide­en aus. Am Kon­fe­renz­tag ge­ben hoch­ran­gi­ge in­ter­na­tio­na­le Ex­per­tIn­nen ei­nen Ein­blick in die Zu­kunft des Mu­sik­busi­ness.

Fu­ture of the Mu­sic Busi­ness”

Con­fe­rence Day Pro­gram on Sep. 13th

09:00–09:15:       WEL­CO­ME

09:15–10:00:       Key­note by Cliff Fluet (Le­wis Sil­kin LLP, Lon­don, UK): “The Mu­sic Busi­ness & Tech­no­lo­gy – how their past and pre­sent will dic­ta­te their fu­ture”

10:00–11:00:       Pa­nel dis­cus­sion on “The Fu­ture of Mu­sic Co­py­right” with Karl Ryan (Go­vernment Af­fairs and Pu­blic Po­li­cy, Goog­le UK), Ros Lynch (In­tel­lec­tu­al Pro­per­ty Of­fice, Lon­don, UK), Cliff Fluet (Le­wis Sil­kin LLP, Lon­don, UK) and Ste­ve Ste­wart (vezt, Los An­ge­les, USA) mo­de­ra­ted by Sal­ly Gross (Uni­ver­si­ty of West­mins­ter, Lon­don, UK)

11:00–11:30:       RE­FRESH­MENTS

11:30–12:30:       Key­note by Mi­cha­el Smel­lie (Start-up in­ves­tor, Bris­bane, Aus­tra­lia and for­mer COO of Sony Mu­sic En­ter­tain­ment): “Mu­sic In­dus­try, the 7 de­ad­ly sins!”

12:30–14:00:       LUNCH BREAK

14:00–14:45:       Key­note by Den­nis Collo­py (Uni­ver­si­ty of Hertfordshire, UK): “Mu­sic 2025 – Is Mu­sic Data Fit for Pur­po­se in the Di­gi­tal Era?”

14:45–15:30:       Key­note by Pete Down­ton (7digital, Lon­don, UK)

15:30–16:00:       RE­FRESH­MENTS

16:00–17:30:       Pa­nel dis­cus­sion “Fu­ture of the Mu­sic Busi­ness – What’s Next af­ter Mu­sic Strea­ming?” with Lu­cie Cas­well (Fea­tured Ar­tist Co­ali­ti­on, Lon­don, UK), Pete Down­ton (7digital, Lon­don, UK), Phil Gra­ham (Uni­ver­si­ty of the Sunshi­ne Co­ast, Aus­tra­lia), Mi­cha­el Smel­lie (Start-up in­ves­tor, Bris­bane, Aus­tra­lia), Vaughn McKen­zie (JAAK, UK) mo­de­ra­ted by Den­nis Collo­py (Uni­ver­si­ty of Hertfordshire, UK)

17:30:                   Awar­ding the young scho­l­ars’ work­shop best pa­per

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