GE­SAC for­dert ra­sche Hil­fe zur Be­wäl­ti­gung der Co­ro­na­kri­se

CI­SAC ruft Re­gie­run­gen welt­weit zur Un­ter­stüt­zung Krea­ti­ver auf
24. März 2020
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GE­SAC for­dert ra­sche Hil­fe zur Be­wäl­ti­gung der Co­ro­na­kri­se

Der Eu­ro­päi­sche Dach­ver­band der Ur­he­ber­ge­sell­schaf­ten GE­SAC for­dert ra­sche Hil­fe von eu­ro­päi­schen Ent­schei­dungs­trä­gern – so­wohl auf EU-Ebe­ne als auch in den Län­dern selbst.

Crea­tors and CO­VID-19 cri­sis: GE­SAC calls on Eu­ropean de­cisi­on-ma­kers to take ur­gent ac­tion

Eu­ropean cul­tu­re and Eu­ropean crea­tors are fa­cing un­pre­ce­den­ted ne­ga­ti­ve im­pac­ts as a re­sult of the CO­VID-19 pan­de­mic.

Crea­tors who rely on the pu­blic per­for­mance of their work have seen pre­sent and fu­ture ear­nings wi­ped out as lock­downs take their toll on the eco­no­my. Along­si­de the clo­sure of bars, clubs and other ve­nues, the can­cel­la­ti­on of events like con­certs and fes­ti­vals has worsened the si­tua­ti­on for tho­se who­se li­ve­li­hoods de­pend on per­for­mance and royal­ty re­ve­nues.

To fur­ther exa­cer­ba­te mat­ters, the pro­duc­tion of many films, se­ries and other cul­tu­ral pro­jec­ts has been post­po­ned or stop­ped al­tog­e­ther, me­a­ning crea­tors may face eco­no­mic hardship well into 2021.

The pre­ca­rious work ar­ran­ge­ments of crea­tors makes them par­ti­cu­lar­ly vul­nera­ble to eco­no­mic down­turn. Un­ab­le to be­ne­fit from the safe­ty net af­for­ded by lar­ger com­pa­nies, de­di­ca­ted funds on of­fer for small and me­di­um-si­zed en­ter­pri­ses or un­em­ploy­ment pay­ments for em­ployees, crea­tors are at risk of being for­got­ten.

As or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons made by crea­tors for crea­tors, collec­tive ma­nage­ment or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons (CMOs) are pro­vi­ding as­si­s­tan­ce bey­ond the pro­fes­sio­nal, hel­ping crea­tors who have been de­eply af­fec­ted on a per­so­nal le­vel by this cri­sis.

All of our 33 mem­ber so­cie­ties are ta­king ac­tion to help their mem­bers; pro­vi­ding emer­gen­cy funds, lo­ans and ad­van­ce pay­ments. They are also ad­ap­ting their so­ci­al and cul­tu­ral funds – de­di­ca­ted parts of their re­ve­nue[1] used for cul­tu­ral and so­ci­al pur­po­ses –  to ad­dress the ur­gent pro­blems fa­cing mu­sic aut­hors, com­po­sers and edi­tors.

Howe­ver, much broa­der and more sustainab­le Eu­ropean in­itia­ti­ves must be im­ple­men­ted by the EU in­sti­tu­ti­ons and na­tio­nal go­vernments to sup­port the en­t­i­re sec­tor. A strong and united Eu­ropean re­spon­se that pays homage to the very foun­da­ti­ons of the Uni­on and its core va­lues is nee­ded.

The crea­ti­ve com­mu­ni­ty, of which GE­SAC re­p­res­ents over 1 mil­li­on crea­tors, re­com­mends that:

  • The Com­mis­si­on spe­ci­fi­cal­ly men­ti­ons the im­por­t­an­ce of sup­por­ting the cul­tu­ral sec­tor when pro­vi­ding funds to Mem­ber Sta­tes and makes sure that the pre­ca­rious si­tua­ti­on of crea­tors is ta­ken into ac­count in its po­li­cy re­gar­ding CO­VID-19;
  • Mem­ber Sta­tes make sure that part of the emer­gen­cy funds pro­vi­ded by the EU is avail­ab­le to crea­tors and the cul­tu­ral sec­tor;
  • Co-le­gis­la­tors swift­ly ad­opt the Mul­ti­an­nu­al Fi­nan­ci­al Frame­work that sets the fu­ture fun­ding for cul­tu­re in Eu­ro­pe, with the ne­cessa­ry in­crea­se for our sec­tors, as pro­po­sed by the Eu­ropean Par­li­a­ment.

The power of cul­tu­re, mu­sic and art to con­nect peop­le du­ring dif­fi­cult times has be­co­me ever more ap­pa­rent on so­ci­al me­dia. Vi­ral vi­de­os have shown how sin­ging and pe­forming tog­e­ther can pro­vi­de who­le neigh­bour­hoods a brief re­spi­te from the si­tua­ti­on, and bring peop­le tog­e­ther at a time when they are being as­ked to re­main apart.

Crea­tors and the cul­tu­ral sec­tor are es­sen­ti­al as­pec­ts of the Eu­ropean pro­ject; core to crea­ting a “Eu­ro­pe united in di­ver­si­ty”. But this pan­de­mic has shown just how fra­gi­le our abi­li­ty to pro­mo­te and per­form cul­tu­ral and crea­ti­ve acts can be.

On be­half of the Eu­ropean com­mu­ni­ty of crea­tors, we ask that Eu­ropean po­li­cy-ma­kers take swift and de­cisi­ve ac­tion to pro­tect Eu­ropean crea­ti­vi­ty and cul­tu­re.

About GE­SAC

The Eu­ropean Grou­ping of So­cie­ties of Aut­hors and Com­po­sers (GE­SAC) com­pri­ses 33 aut­hors’ so­cie­ties from all over Eu­ro­pe. Tog­e­ther, we re­p­re­sent over one mil­li­on crea­tors and rights­hol­ders – from mu­si­ci­ans to wri­ters, vi­su­al ar­tists to film di­rec­tors and many more, in the are­as of mu­si­cal, au­dio­vi­su­al, vi­su­al arts, and li­tera­ry and dra­ma­tic works.

[1] in 2018 tho­se funds from GE­SAC mem­bers so­cie­ties amoun­ted in to­tal to more than three times the EU bud­get for cul­tu­re, ex­clu­ding me­dia