EMX Ca­pa­ci­ty Buil­ding Pro­gram­me

Open Call for mu­sic pro­fes­sio­nals

Das von der Eu­ro­päi­schen Kom­mis­si­on ge­för­der­te EMX PRO­JECT sucht 30 Ver­tre­te­rin­nen und Ver­tre­ter der Mu­sik­bran­che für das Pro­gramm. Die Dead­line für die Be­wer­bung ist der 21. Juli.

Buil­ding on and in­for­med by the fin­dings on the needs, chal­len­ges and op­por­tu­nities for mu­sic ex­ports un­co­ve­r­ed by the re­se­arch in the first part of the EMX pro­gram­me [read more about all ele­ments of the pro­ject here] and pre­vious­ly in the Stu­dy on the Eu­ro­pean Mu­sic Ex­port Stra­te­gy.

For this pro­gram­me, the EMX is loo­king for 30 mu­sic pro­fes­sio­nals that work with ex­port-rea­dy mu­sic, to co­ver a ran­ge of sec­tors in­clu­ding ar­tists, ma­na­gers, pu­blis­hers, re­cord la­bels, PR agents, dis­tri­bu­tors, live pro­mo­ters, pro­mo­ti­on and broad­cas­ting agents that are pas­sio­na­te and in­te­res­ted in en­su­ring ex­port po­ten­ti­al is reached, ex­plo­ring new ide­as, con­tri­bu­ting to a wi­der dis­cus­sion and rea­dy to im­ple­ment the ele­ments lear­ned.

Are you loo­king for new me­thods of ex­por­ting mu­sic? Do you be­lie­ve that a com­mon Eu­ro­pean ap­proach can be an ad­ded va­lue? EMX is loo­king for you.

The par­ti­ci­pants will take part in a se­ri­es of events, work­shops and dis­cus­sions bet­ween Sep­tem­ber and No­vem­ber 2021 both in per­son and di­gi­tal­ly about how to na­vi­ga­te the “New Nor­mal” in the post co­vid world, mu­sic ex­port from a Eu­ro­pean per­spec­ti­ve, and a fo­cus on gro­wing mar­kets like the In­dian one. As well as the core ac­ti­vi­ties, 10 can­di­da­tes will be in­vi­ted to a men­to­ring pro­gram­me to de­ve­lop their ex­port po­ten­ti­al and ap­p­ly the ide­as lear­ned as part of the of­fi­cial pro­gram­me.

The dead­line to ap­p­ly is July 21st.

For more in­for­ma­ti­on vi­sit www.europeanmusic.eu

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