DEX Song­wri­ting EXPO

Learn From The Pros & Make In­ter­na­tio­nal Con­nec­tions with AKM’s 30% dis­count!

4 days on song­wri­ting for song­wri­ters – that is DEX Song­wri­ting Expo. You can par­ti­ci­pa­te in lec­tures, work­shops and mas­ter­clas­ses fo­cu­sing on song­wri­ting, ly­ric wri­ting, mu­sic pro­duc­tion and mu­sic busi­ness & col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons bet­ween 23rd-26th May, in Bu­da­pest.

The Hun­ga­ri­an Co­py­right Collec­ting So­cie­ty, Ar­tis­jus or­ga­ni­ses the DEX Song­wri­ting Expo again in 2022. The in­ter­na­tio­nal line-up re­turns to the event with pro­grams in Eng­lish, and you can once again par­ti­ci­pa­te in the en­t­i­re pro­gram in per­son, on-site. Howe­ver, if you feel safer or more com­for­ta­ble at­ten­ding from home, you can also fol­low the events with an on­line strea­ming ti­cket.

The event con­sists of four the­ma­tic days fo­cu­sing on each spe­ci­fic pha­se of song­wri­ting. Learn about pro­fes­sio­nal se­crets and best prac­ti­ces of in­ter­na­tio­nal song­wri­ters and mu­sic pro­fes­sio­nals with AKM’s spe­cial 30% dis­count on ti­cket pri­ces!

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4-day pass: DEXCEE2022

Day 1 (for Song­wri­ters) ti­cket: DEXCEE0523

Day 2 (for Ly­ri­cists) ti­cket: DEXCEE0524

Day 3 (for Mu­sic Pro­du­cers) ti­cket: DEXCEE0525

Day 4 (Mu­sic Biz & Coll­abs) ti­cket: DEXCEE0526

With the pro­mo codes you can buy dai­ly ti­ckets (8 euro/3150 HUF) and 4-day pas­ses (18 euro/7000 HUF), or you can fol­low the events on­line with re­gu­lar On­line day ti­ckets (5 euro/1990 HUF) and 4-day pas­ses (14 euro/5500 HUF).


  • Join John­ny K. Palmer’s (AT, HU) work­shop and ele­va­te your Eng­lish ly­ric wri­ting skills to the next le­vel!
  • At­tend BÖBE’s (HU) Tik­Tok lec­tu­re and learn how you can make the most out of your pro­fi­le!
  • SMiT­H­MUSiX (NL, HU) has writ­ten and co-pro­du­ced mu­sic for world-fa­mous rap/hiphop/pop ar­tists like Do­mi­No, Snoop Dogg, Marc E. Bas­sy; as well as Hun­ga­ri­an A-lis­ters. What makes a song a hit? Learn Ro­land Körmendi’s best prac­ti­ces.
  • Through prac­ti­cal ex­amp­les, Mo­no­ir (RO) will shed a light on how ori­en­ta­lism in­spi­res today’s pop mu­sic.
  • From Lo­cal to Glo­bal: Glo­bal Re­cords’ (RO) ma­na­gers An­d­reea Se­la­ru & Alex­an­dru San­da will pre­sent the ta­lent ma­nage­ment and pro­mo­ti­on mo­del of the lea­ding in­de­pen­dent re­cord la­bel in the CEE re­gi­on.

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