Europe for Creators launches new tools to counter Google’s unprecedented lobbying

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Europe for Creators launches new tools to counter Google’s unprecedented lobbying

Brus­sels, 16 Jan­u­ary – EUROPE FOR CREATORS is launch­ing a new web­site and a newslet­ter, as part of a renewed effort to counter Google’s mas­sive dis­in­for­ma­tion cam­paign around Arti­cle 13 of the Euro­pean Copy­right Directive.

The new tools are meant to fight back with facts. The web­site, (also avail­able in Ital­ian, Ger­man, Czech, French, Pol­ish, Croa­t­ian and more to come) and the newslet­ter, INSIGHT13, take a no-non­sense approach to the issue and go back to basics: What does the Direc­tive actu­al­ly say and how does the process work? 

Google has used its finan­cial pow­er and its YouTube plat­form to organ­ise one of the largest lob­by­ing cam­paigns the Euro­pean Union has seen in recent years, with scant regard for truth. YouTube exec­u­tives have claimed that Arti­cle 13 would crip­ple the plat­form in Europe, with 35 mil­lion accounts poten­tial­ly at risk of being tak­en down. The plat­form and its allies have sought to manip­u­late chil­dren and young users to chan­nel false claims about Arti­cle 13. It’s extreme­ly wor­ry­ing that a media plat­form in such a dom­i­nant posi­tion would use its ser­vice as a weapon to influ­ence pub­lic opin­ion and advo­cate pure­ly pri­vate and com­mer­cial inter­ests through mis­in­for­ma­tion, fear­mon­ger­ing and fake news.

With a clear time­line, an FAQ and a para­graph-by-para­graph expla­na­tion of the Euro­pean Parliament’s ver­sion of Arti­cle 13, the web­site pro­vides accu­rate and easy-to-under­stand insights into the debate, while unveil­ing the ben­e­fits of Arti­cle 13 for cre­ators and ordi­nary users. It is time that YouTube takes steps to ensure trans­paren­cy, account­abil­i­ty and respon­si­bil­i­ty on its plat­form once and for all. And it will nev­er do so with­out clear and fair rules in place.

Arti­cle 13 will facil­i­tate the shar­ing of con­tent in a fair­er way and stop arbi­trary removal of con­tent and oth­er unfair trad­ing prac­tices which plat­forms such as YouTube rou­tine­ly resort to.

The newslet­ter will report on the lat­est devel­op­ments in the process and the bat­tle over pub­lic opin­ion. Brief ana­lyt­i­cal pieces will link to the best arti­cles, videos, Tweets and memes on the subject.

Sub­scribe to the newslet­ter and vis­it us at or fol­low the debate on Twit­ter @EUForCreators with #Europe­For­Cre­ators.



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