CISAC 2019 Annual Report

CISAC has released its 2019 annu­al report, detail­ing the Confederation’s exten­sive activ­i­ties serv­ing 4 mil­lion cre­ators and serv­ing 239 authors’ soci­eties around the globe.

The report out­lines the results and efforts of CISAC to con­struct stronger and fair­er cre­ators’ rights across all reper­toires. It out­lines the Confederation’s glob­al pol­i­cy cam­paigns, the dri­ve for growth in roy­al­ty col­lec­tions, new tech­nol­o­gy inno­va­tions to help cre­ators and soci­eties, and a large pro­gramme of gov­er­nance enforce­ment, train­ing and sup­port to members.

The 2019 Annu­al Report launched for the CISAC Gen­er­al Assem­bly, to be held on May 30th in Tokyo. It is avail­able for down­load in Eng­lish, French and Span­ish.