CISAC Global Collections Report shows creators’ royalties down by € 1 billion in 2020

Paris, Octo­ber 27th — World­wide roy­al­ty col­lec­tions for cre­ators of music, audio­vi­su­al, art, dra­ma and
lit­er­ary works fell by 9.9% in 2020, with loss­es amount­ing to more than €1 bil­lion as a result of the
glob­al pandemic.

Total col­lec­tions fell to €9.32 bil­lion as lock­down mea­sures saw live and pub­lic per­for­mance rev­enue
near­ly halve across the world, accord­ing to the lat­est annu­al Glob­al Col­lec­tions Report pub­lished by
CISAC (Inter­na­tion­al Con­fed­er­a­tion of Soci­eties of Authors and Composers).

The decline was part­ly mit­i­gat­ed by a strong rise in dig­i­tal roy­al­ties, reflect­ing the sharp increase in
audio and video stream­ing con­sump­tion world­wide and strong licens­ing activ­i­ty by many of CISAC’s
mem­ber soci­eties around the world.

Key trends report­ed include:
• Live and pub­lic per­for­mance fell 45% to €1.6 bil­lion, with live con­cert rev­enue down by an
esti­mat­ed 55%
• Dig­i­tal col­lec­tions rose 16.6% to €2.4 bil­lion
TV and radio broad­cast, cre­ators’ largest income source, fell 4.3% to €3.7 bil­lion
• Music col­lec­tions, com­pris­ing 88% of the total, declined 10.7% to €8.19 billion

The Report analy­ses the var­ied impact of COVID-19 by region and sec­tor, the vital role of long-term
gov­ern­ment sup­port and direct mea­sures for cre­ators by soci­eties, the con­tin­u­ing loss­es caused by
lock­downs in 2021, and the out­look for recov­ery in 2022.

Quotes from the Report

CISAC Pres­i­dent Bjorn Ulvaeus: “Today, cre­ators work in an inequitable eco-sys­tem. If we accept
that the song – or the cre­ative work of any reper­toire – is the foun­da­tion of our cre­ative indus­tries,
why do we then accept the near-invis­i­bil­i­ty of the cre­ator in the com­mer­cial val­ue chain? When I
took on the pres­i­den­cy of CISAC in May 2020, the sub­ju­ga­tion of the cre­ator was already a mas­sive
issue. Then COVID struck, high­light­ing two things. First, that stream­ing is fast head­ing towards being
the most impor­tant source of cre­ators’ earn­ings in the future. And sec­ond, that stream­ing rev­enues,
how­ev­er fast they grow, are cur­rent­ly sim­ply not pro­vid­ing a fair reward when shared across mil­lions
of indi­vid­ual recipients”.

CISAC Direc­tor Gen­er­al Gadi Oron: “After many years of steady growth, COVID has sent col­lec­tions
slid­ing down­wards. Both mature and devel­op­ing mar­kets that are depen­dent on tra­di­tion­al income
streams such as con­certs, fes­ti­vals, and exhi­bi­tions, suf­fered sig­nif­i­cant declines in 2020 that
con­tin­ue well into 2021. Increased dig­i­tal col­lec­tions have mit­i­gat­ed the fall in oth­er income sources
in many coun­tries, and this is a trib­ute to the efforts of CISAC soci­eties to change strat­e­gy, shift
resources and step up dig­i­tal licens­ing activ­i­ty. With­out a doubt, the pan­dem­ic has been a cat­a­lyst
for change, accel­er­at­ing a tran­si­tion to dig­i­tal that will not be reversed”.

Down­load the full report here.