Rebuilding Europe with Culture

It is time to mobilise for “Rebuilding Europe with Culture”

GESAC launches the social media campaign “Rebuilding Europe with Culture” (#RebuildingEurope). 

The campaign aims to raise awareness on the role of culture in rebuilding Europe and to follow-up on the implementation of recovery plans and policies across Europe, making sure culture is given the place it deserves. 

The EU has launched a historic financial plan for the recovery of the European economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, and the operational phase is now underway. But there is a risk that reality will not meet expectation and questions remain: Where does culture fit in practice within this massive financial plan? What has been done so far for the recovery of the cultural and creative industries? What are the next steps to Rebuilding Europe with Culture in a sustainable way?

The cultural and creative sector was a heavyweight of the European economy before the pandemic, representing 4.4% of EU-28 GDP and 7.6 million jobs, 8.4 times more than the telecommunication industry. The sector suffered sharply from the pandemic, with a loss of approximately 31% of its revenues (see

GESAC General Manager Véronique Desbrosses said: “Rebuilding Europe with culture is a bold statement. With dedicated funding and appropriate policies, this one of the 14 key ecosystems of Europe can recover, grow and contribute to the rebuilding of the entire European economy. “Rebuilding Europe with Culture” campaign has the objective of playing the role of “watchdog” over effective recovery policies for culture to make sure that culture gets what it deserves from the recovery funds and future policies.” 

The campaign has received the support of several cultural organisations, MEPs, Commissioners, creators from different Member States, as well as some national and local politicians, whose views will be presented as part of the campaign in the coming weeks.

On 8 December 2021 a hybrid event will be held at the Berlaymont premises of the European Commission and online, with the participation of electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre, European Parliament’s President David Sassoli, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, and many other high-level speakers. This event will be the first peak point of the ongoing mobilisation, but certainly not the end of it. Campaign will continue after the event, particularly during the French Presidency as of 2022.

Cultural sector organisations, creators, civil society and decision-makers at European, national, and local level are invited to join the campaign and get mobilised for Rebuilding Europe with Culture!

You can follow the campaign on:  #RebuildingEurope @authorsocieties on social media