Frequently asked questions

You want to become a mem­ber of AKM and/or aus­tro mechana? There may be ques­tions going through your mind. We have some answers for you right here.

Com­posers, song­writ­ers, editors/arrangers and music publishers.
Sole­ly per­form­ing artists (singer, musi­cians) can­not become mem­ber of AKM. Their rights are cov­ered in the Col­lect­ing Soci­ety for artists, sound car­ri­er- and music video pro­duc­ers LSG.

No. You may join even if your work was cre­at­ed with oth­er authors.

No, nei­ther Aus­tri­an cit­i­zen­ship nor a per­ma­nent res­i­dence in Aus­tria are nec­es­sary to join AKM and/or aus­tro mechana.

Both AKM and aus­tro mechana charge only a one-time pay­ment, there is no oth­er mem­ber­ship fee.

Authors & ComposersAKMaus­tro mechana
Reg­u­lar sin­gle admis­sion feeEUR 78EUR 55
Reduced fee for pupils, appren­tices, stu­dents up to the age of 27EUR 12EUR 12
Music Pub­lish­ers
Reg­u­lar sin­gle admis­sion feeEUR 130 (excl. VAT)EUR 55

Wahrnehmungsver­trag“ is the agree­ment of assign­ment and admin­is­tra­tion of rights. By sign­ing this doc­u­ment you entrust the man­age­ment of your rights to AKM. The con­tract cov­ers all works you already have cre­at­ed and will cre­ate in future as long as the con­tract is in place.

In order to become a mem­ber it is nec­es­sary that you reg­is­ter at least one work with us, inde­pen­dent of a pre­vi­ous reg­istry by a co-author or music publisher.

AKM and aus­tro mechana cov­er dif­fer­ent rights of usage. AKM ensures that music authors get roy­al­ties when their works are per­formed pub­licly (live or mechan­i­cal per­for­mance), broad­cast­ed on radio or TV or online.

Aus­tro mechana ensures that music authors get roy­al­ties when their works are dis­trib­uted via sound car­ri­er medi­ums or oth­er types of copies (eg CDs, record­ings of radio- or TV sta­tions for trans­mis­sion pur­pos­es, down­loads or stream­ing) and when CDs, DVDs, Blue-Rays etc are sold or oth­er­wise distributed.

There­fore, if you wish to ful­ly exer­cise your rights, you should join both AKM and aus­tro mechana. Sim­ply fill out the forms pro­vid­ed by aus­tro mechana and AKM and sub­mit them to AKM.