Storage Media Levy

What is the storage media levy

The author of a work or the performing artist decide on the commercial activities of their works or their performances. In the age of mass consumption of music, film, text and pictures, legislation allows copies for private use but introduced a flat fee, the so-called storage media levy. The scope of this levy covers storage media of all kinds, from computer hard disks to storage on mobile phones or USB-sticks.

Austro mechana collects the storage media levy for its copyright holders (composers, authors, music publishers) as well as for all other entitled persons who are represented through other Collective Management Organisations like Bildrecht, Literar-Mechana, LSG, VAM, VDFS and VGR.

How the revenues are used

Revenues are split among all Collective Management Organisations participating in the storage media levy on a scale fixed on the base of the average use of the individual works categories. At least 50% of the total revenues are dedicated to social and cultural institutions. The application of funds is published in the annual transparency report of each society.