We represent the world repertoire in Austria

AKM and austro mechana represent the performing and broadcasting rights and mechanical rights, respectively, of more than 27,000 beneficiaries (“members”) in Austria and via reciprocal representation agreements with international affiliates of millions of copyright holders around the world.

We are your single point of contact for the acquisition of rights

AKM and austro mechana provide their business partners in Austria – these are mostly event organizers, producers of physical sound carriers or videos, radio- and TV stations, online provider, producer/importer of empty storage media etc. – in their respective area the necessary license to use the nearly worldwide repertoire

Without this single point of contact of AKM and austro mechana to acquire rights, broad areas of the music business would not exist on one hand and artists would not get any payment for the use of their creative works on the other hand.

How do AKM and austro mechana work?

Music users (event organizer, producer, TV stations, etc) need licenses to use copyrighted music in Austria. AKM and austro mechana ensure that music users obtain a license and collect a license fee. The rates for these licenses are agreed among AKM and austro mechana and so-called “user organisations” (eg Veranstalterverband Österreich, trade associations in the Chamber of Commerce) or they are set by AKM and austro mechana. All revenues are passed on to the music authors and publishers after deduction of operating expenses.