We represent the world repertoire in Austria

AKM and aus­tro mechana rep­re­sent the per­form­ing and broad­cast­ing rights and mechan­i­cal rights, respec­tive­ly, of more than 27,000 ben­e­fi­cia­ries (“mem­bers”) in Aus­tria and via rec­i­p­ro­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion agree­ments with inter­na­tion­al affil­i­ates of mil­lions of copy­right hold­ers around the world.

We are your single point of contact for the acquisition of rights

AKM and aus­tro mechana pro­vide their busi­ness part­ners in Aus­tria – these are most­ly event orga­niz­ers, pro­duc­ers of phys­i­cal sound car­ri­ers or videos, radio- and TV sta­tions, online provider, producer/importer of emp­ty stor­age media etc. – in their respec­tive area the nec­es­sary license to use the near­ly world­wide repertoire

With­out this sin­gle point of con­tact of AKM and aus­tro mechana to acquire rights, broad areas of the music busi­ness would not exist on one hand and artists would not get any pay­ment for the use of their cre­ative works on the oth­er hand.

How do AKM and austro mechana work?

Music users (event orga­niz­er, pro­duc­er, TV sta­tions, etc) need licens­es to use copy­right­ed music in Aus­tria. AKM and aus­tro mechana ensure that music users obtain a license and col­lect a license fee. The rates for these licens­es are agreed among AKM and aus­tro mechana and so-called “user organ­i­sa­tions” (eg Ver­anstal­ter­ver­band Öster­re­ich, trade asso­ci­a­tions in the Cham­ber of Com­merce) or they are set by AKM and aus­tro mechana. All rev­enues are passed on to the music authors and pub­lish­ers after deduc­tion of oper­at­ing expenses.